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Accutome Ultrasound B Scan plus. Scan plus. Download Product Brochure The B-Scan Plus® also captures unlimited 34 second film loops of every image. “The Accutome® B-Scan Plus has been a wonderful addition to our general ophthalmology practice and our retina specialist. It's highly portable Installing B-Scan Plus To Windows 8 (32-Bit) - accutome ultrasound support. B-Scan Pro User Manual - accutome ultrasound support.

The B-Scan Plus' and B-Scan Plus Vet's proprietary software combined with unique probe electronics make it the only portable High Definition B-Scan. Streamline your patient data – shares information with B-Scan Plus and UBM Plus. When compared to original A-Scan Plus. Brand: AccutomeCategory: Ultrasound USB footswitch; CD containing A-Scan Plus Connect Software and Manual; Test Plus Connect Flyer : An overview of our A-Scan Plus Connect Download. Note: When upgrading, first uninstall your current B-scan Plus software version ( all of your data will be preserved). When upgrading from version 3.0 or earlier. Accutome Inc. 800-979-2020 610-889-0200 Fax: 610-889-3233 www.accutome. com. The B-Scan Plus®. HD Imaging at your fingertips. Product #. 24-6100. For over 30 years Accutome has built a reputation for high quality, reliable and The B-Scan Plus® proprietary software combined with unique probe.

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