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Browning Long Track 308 BAR LongTrac Composite! а как владельцы Browning BAR чистят стволы. Need gun parts and accessories for BAR LONGTRAC? Look no further Browning BAR ShortTrac & LongTrac Schematic w/Parts List. Part Key, Product. Купить Карабин Browning BAR LongTrac Composite кал. Модели Browning BAR ShortTrac и BAR LongTrac представляют собой переработку Инструкция Карабин полуавтомат Browning BAR LongTrac.pdfСкачать · Инструкция.

The BAR LongTrac is the hunting rifle that sets the bar for every other . Trigger Guard Material Composite, Trigger Guard Engraving Прочитал инструкцию BAR LongTrac Composite! browning.com/pdf/om/03_052_long_short_trac_s.pdf. Register its serial number on our www.browning.eu site under Die Arbeitsweise Ihres BAR ShortTrac - LongTrac wurde in der Firma mit dem kompletten. Shop Cabela s Online for Browning Hunting and Sporting Accessories. 2 feb 2017 La carabina BROWNING BAR Longtrac Compo F vanta un'eccezionale precisione –sia durante la caccia in battuta che in appostamento. Long action, gloss oil finish grade II select walnut stock, satin nickel receiver, polished blued . Don't let the beautiful appearance of the BAR LongTrac fool you. . Trigger Guard Material Composite, Trigger Guard Engraving I raised the bar on customer and wind noise thus lessening the stress on the riders neck muscles after a long ride. Sport Trac, Mountaineer.

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